Crystal Healing Weekend And Super Sale At White Flame Company

October 4, 5 & 6th Our Sale Begins!
Over 2800 Different Crystals & Gemstones Are In and Awaiting New Homes!!White Flame Crystal Healing

Extended Hours!  Friday 10 to 7pm, Saturday 10 – 6 pm and Sunday 10 – 5 pm.  New stock arriving and bring put out daily!!  Amazing new specimens incredible collector pieces!  Don’t miss on this great weekend!

Friday night at 7pm attend a free class on Crystals and How They Heal. Please call to book your spot this is a *FREE* class so it will book quickly.  Also, amazing new Crystal Healing books and Oracle decks coming in, DVD 2Aor pick up my Crystal Healing For Beginners or Crystal Healing For Intermediate DVD’s and learn some great tips for healing with stones!

Saturday at 4pm a *FREE* family meditation please call to reserve your spaces.  A great guided meditation suitable for families and all ages.

Friday night at 8pm after class there will be time for our White Flame students who have taken Reiki 1 or Crystal Healing 1 to practice with some of your fellow students, crystals will be prodived for you to work with…again, this in no charge but limited to students of White Flame Company who have completed DVD 3 ACrystal Healing or Reiki with us.

This will be a super week filled with all kinds of great stones, information and sharing!  Call to book and please “like”” our fanpage on Facebook and share this great sale with all of your friends and family…every family has at least one rock hound in it and we look forward to meeting you all this week!

Meditation Monday and Energy Share

Monday, October 6th, Join Andrew Bray Of Energy Awaken For Healing & MeditationCircle_of_Friends

Join Andrew Bray of Energy Awaken at White Flame Company for Meditation Monday energy share and meditation evening. The evening will be filled with healing and exercises to develop your own abilities and experiences with meditation and mediumship.

Affordably priced evening $20.00 prepaid (please call to register spaces are limited). 905 385 7251

This is a popular class and tends to fill up quickly please call to book your spot today!

Meditation Monday ~ Malas, Mantras and Sound Healing

Monday September 29th at 7pm   Cost $20.00 Call to register

Join us for Meditation Monday energy share and meditation evening.  The evening will be filled with Love-Beadsvibrational sound healing and exercises to develop your own abilities and experiences with meditation.  We will be using malas and mantras and if you do not have one one will be loaned to you.  There will also be some fabulous old malas on sale I picked up in New England this past week.  This class will be a continuation of the Malas and Mantras class we did with Akeshi Sueyoshi (we did promise him we would practice for his return in the fall of this year!).  If you have a mala, or drum please bring them along this will be an amazing energy class!

Affordably priced evening $20.00 prepaid  (please call to register spaces are limited).  905 385 7251.

Last Date To Join In October 9th Intensive Intuition Certification Course At White Flame Company

Last Date To Join In October 9th 7pm
Join Us In An Incredible Journey Into Knowing!

Class dates are  Oct 9th, October 23rd, October 30, November 13th and December 11th.  An extensive three month certification program taking you from a “sense” that you have a gift and would like to work in the exciting world of intuitive arts to training that will allow you to work in this exciting healing/spiritual field with confidence in your abilities. This intensive course is 9 hrs of instruction, home study and two hours of private one on one time with Andrew and Rhonda. If you are joining in October 9th we will have a private make up class as you missed the introduction class but we can make arrangements with you.

Class details are on the calendar but include Everything Auras, Channeling, Mediumship, How To Conduct Readings and much more!

Cost for this program is $40.00 per night plus Green Eyed Raven 3$80.00 per private class for a total of andrew$400.00 for three months. For those of you who cannot make every date there is opportunity for make up classes.

Register early the class size is limited to ensure you have the best instruction available!  Please know that we offer karma pay… in other words if this course is cost prohibitive for you right now we can work with that and you can pay a little now and the rest at a later date.

Grand Master Akeshi Sueyoshi ~ Shugendo Monk from Japan at White Flame Company


What A Way To Kick Off Our Healing Weeks!
For Three Nights ~ Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Opportunity!
Dates in early November TBA     Each Workshop $25.00Akeshi Sueyoshi

We are very honoured to be spending two amazing evenings with Akeshi Sueyoshi, Buddhist Shingon Monk and a Buddhist Shugendo Monk from Japan.  Each workshop will be different so don’t miss out!
Akeshi Sueyoshi is a Martial Arts Master trained in all the different arts of the Ninja like sword, bo staff, walking stick, stars and everything else in between.Akeshi Sueyoshi is also a Falconer and owns both a Golden Eagle and Barn Owl. Presently obtaining a Bald Eagle.
He is also an Acupuncturist and a Akeshi SueyoshiShiatsu Masseuse.
Akeshi Sueyoshi will be doing two exclusive workshops talking about meditation, and leading us in a traditional Buddhist Meditation and a class on mantras and using prayer malas has just been added as well as sharing with us his experienckyudo monkes and wisdom.
Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity!
905-385-7251  or text 905-870-6500.

Spiritual Healing With Andrew Bray

Saturday, September 27th, 2014  10 – 5
A Full Day Of Healing And Energy Awakeningspiritual healing

Join Andrew from Energy Awaken for a Spirit filled day of spiritual healing, angel energy, meditation, group exercises and sharing. Spiritual Healing in-chair format, instruction and certification included. Appropriate for beginners and current Spiritual Healers/Energy Workers.

Cost for this wonderful whole day class is divinely priced $77.00

Sacred Smoke ~ Smudging, Purifying and Energy Clearing

Friday, September 19th,  7pm
Journey Though Essences Of Times Past

This class is almost full please call to reserve if attending.

A great class exploring the many types of incense and smudge that are available todsmudge workshopay.
Learn smudging ceremonies, create your own custom smudging blend and discover the age old mystical properties of the different herbs used in smudging. This is a great class where you are taken on a guided meditation journey through various ancient rituals and practices and develop a relationship with the essences and their vibrational energies ~ from the spice trade to the cottage of the wise woman connect with your inner Shaman in this exciting class booking now! Cost including materials for creating your own custom blend is $25.00

See calendar for more great events!