YOU Are The LIGHT Symposium ~ A White Flame Company Presentation

Sunday May 3rd  9am to 7pm ~ Carmen’s Banquet Center  Cindy

An incredible ten hour Journey into Enlightenment …join us at beautiful Carmen’s Banquet Center as we welcome amazing performers, healers and share in a great day and evening filled with phenomenal spiritual energy and transformation!

TEN hours of speakers, healers, and incredibly enlightening performances!  Wonderfully catered cuisine, prizes and draws!

From Lexington KY world renowned healer Cindy Sommer, Lifeline Healing, Cindy will be leading a Cleanse and Clear and an incredible workshop on Raising Your Vibration and Clearing Energy Blockages! FIRST time this workshop has been offered in Canada! And there is more!!  These two workshops alone are the valued at more than this entire day’s tickDoug 2et fee!  Lis&Ed Profile_2

The morning will start off with a Qi Gong meditation led by Lisbeth Primdahl Fregonese and Edward Fregonese, next we will have a continental breakfast and a Journey of The Spirit Bear Flute with Doug DoLittle.

The morning continues with a Sound Healing Workshop with Michael Moon and a Heart Healing Meditation with Andrew Bray of Energy Awaken. andrewMMoon01a

We will enjoy a delicious full lunch followed by a performance by Michael Moon to lead us to Cindy Sommer. 

We will break in the late afternoon for a snack and a drum circle to prepare for the evening finale.. 

A Crystal Journey Concert with David Hickey ! david

Does this sound amazing?

Raffles, Draws, Prizes and the most incredible experience!

Tickets are available Saturday April 4th at White Flame Company. For the entire experience an incredible price… $149.00

*NEW* Mediumship with Andrew Bray of Energy Awaken

Introducing a wonderful *NEW* class from Andrew Bray
Thursday, April 9th, 2015   7pm     $20.00mediumship-page-001

Join Andrew from Energy Awaken for a participative workshop on developing your mediumship skills. We will discuss different methods and then support each other as we practice.

This time is dedicated to experiencing sacred space, personal growth and healing. Those new to finding their path and experienced travelers alike are welcome.

*FREE* Crystal Healing & Reiki Share

Saturday April 18th 5pm This Class is FREE you must register to attend.Aura Imaging 3

FREE to attend for all students of White Flame Company and Energy Awaken energy modalities, classes and certifications. You MUST have completed one certification course to attend this evening in either Crystal Healing level 1, 2 or 3. Reiki Level 1, 2 or 3 or Energy Awaken Certification Practitioner. If you have this is YOUR night! Come out and share, learn and work towards those case study requirements! You do NOT need to bring equipment, workbooks, yoga mats or crystals. Everything you need will be provided for you! Please text 905 870 6500 to register as spaces are limited.

Again, this is a FREE event but you MUST register. Looking forward to an incredible evening!

Celtic Wheel Of The Year ~ The Journey Continues ~ Beltane~ May Day

Thursday, April 23rd 7pm

The second class in the Wheel of The Year Series with Amy Lou Taylor and Rhonda Pavlovich . In this second class we delve into Beltane, exploring the ancient Celtic celebration of May Day, Lady Day. Join us as we share rituals, recipes and crafting all relating to this time of new beginnings, rebirth and growth.

celticBeltane is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and it is associated with important events in Irish Mythology. It marked the beginning of summer and was when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures. Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Special bonfires were kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. The people and their cattle would walk Amyaround the bonfire, or between two bonfires, and sometimes leap over flames or embers. All household fires would be doused and then re-lit from the Beltane bonfire. Doors, windows, byres and the cattle Green Eyed Raven 3themselves would be decorated with yellow May flowers, perhaps because they evoked fire. In parts of Ireland, people would make a May Bush; a thorn bush decorated with flowers, ribbons and bright shells. Holy wells were also visited, while Beltane dew was thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness. Many of these customs were part of May Day or Midsummer festivals in other parts of Great Britain and Europe.

Come join us as we talk about the traditions, customs and magic involved in this ancient celebration of the season of Spring!  Cost for this popular class is 20.00

LightBody Activation & Intuitive Awareness

Monday, April 27th, Join Andrew Bray Of Energy Awaken For This Amazing Class

Lightbody Activation/Intuitive Developmentandrew

This is an ascention/lightbody activation meditation and intuitive development exercise. The exercise may be mediumship, energywork or other awareness building activity. This time is dedicated to experiencing sacred space, personal growth and healing. Those new to finding their path and experienced travelers alike are welcome.

Connecting to your Angels In the “Connecting to your Angels – Allowing Help from Above” workshop, participants will have the opportunity to enter into sacred Aura Imaging 2space and experience the powerful loving energy of angels. Andrew will lead 3 separate meditations. The first is to raise the vibration of the circle, the second will call in the energy of arch angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and the third will call on the energy of one of your Angels. The workshop includes meditations, exercises and an experience of the Energy Awaken energy.

Affordably priced evening $20.00 prepaid (please call to register spaces are limited). 905 385 7251

This is a popular class and tends to fill up quickly please call to book your spot today!

Full Moon Magic ~ With Amy Taylor ~ The Wind Moon

Monday, April 2nd, 2015waterhouse178  7pm   $20.00

Come celebrate the Wind Moon with Amy Lou Taylor and Rhonda Pavlovich.

This will be an interactive event where you will learn some of the mysteries of the moon, celebrate ancient traditions and moon lore. Our evening will be filled with manifesting abundance and health, herbalism, mythology and magic.
Green Eyed Raven 1
To celebrate the Wind Moon bring a small flower pot
Amyfilled with earth.

Learn about some of the deities associated with this season, take part in seasonal herb crafts, includes a meditation to connect with the moon.

Start the Wind Moon off with magic!

Cost for this event $20.00 includes all materials.

Blessings ♥ Xo

*FREE* Crystal Healing Class! ALL AGES!

FREE Crystal Healing Sunday, April 19th 4pm
Bring The Family!  All Ages!Green Eyed Raven 4

This week we talk about the exciting world of high energy lightening charged stones and other cool natural phenomena in the gem world! …Come out and learn about Crystals and Stones and how they can influence your life in positive and exciting ways!

Join master healer Rhonda Pavlovich as she teaches about her passion ~ Crystal Healing.  This event is an ALL AGES event!! This class is *FREE* but spaces are limited please be sure to enroll early and notify of cancellation as we will have a waiting list.